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MTA SZTAKI has been running the popular English-Hungarian and German-Hungarian dictionary services for several years. We would like to know your opinion and demands to improve these services.
Filling the form takes about 4-8 minutes. Thank you in advance to spend your time for us, and we hope you will be compensated by the better service in the future.

General questions about the dictionaries are below. Please fill out this first, then the questionnaires about the English and the German dictionaries as well, according to your usage.

Any other remarks, advices are warmly welcome at

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Organizers: Pataki Balazs
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szótár 12/28/01 7:08 PM Breuer Péter
vélemény 1/7/02 11:29 AM Holti András
sztaki szótárak 1/17/02 12:57 PM dr. Pál Károlyné
Magyaros észrevétel magyarul 1/21/02 7:18 AM Koncsek Ervin
"magyarz" 2/16/02 1:46 AM Bérczi László-Károly
Nyomtatás 2/20/02 2:26 PM Tóth Gábor
Szavak kiejtése 12/13/03 1:22 PM plipcsei
orosz szótár 1/29/05 2:05 PM Szabi
névelő holland szotar 2/4/06 5:11 PM aniko
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